*on time travel bus* oh you’re going back to kill hitler? uh yeah totally, me too *pulls jacket over spice girls world tour ‘98 t shirt*

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"stop saying straight men are weak and pathetic" 

i had to listen to a man describe how the fact that his girlfriend’s farts are louder and stronger than his is making him feel self conscious and emasculated on the radio today 

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Marilyn Monroe photographed by Milton Greene, 1953. 

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I really hate long-ass ‘previously on…’ bits in front of episodes

I fucking know what happened previously ok

I just marathonned two seasons in a day trust me I know

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if you’re reading this i hope something good happens to you today

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"Interviewer : Tell me a little bit about the tux’."

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hann on the guitar though. sends shivers down my spine

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"Come on, stand up. Ok, walking’s out. I think, think what else is there? Yes! I can crawl, I can crawl like Skylar. Fuck! The kid makes it look so goddamn easy. Think, you motherfucker, think. Yes! I got it! I’ve got it! I can roll. I can roll!"

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